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To whom it may concern                                                                                             6_November_2014

This is a request for the sponsorship and use of the UHF DMR repeater for amateur connectivity.

The repeater site aimed to be used is our current container situated an Kloof, covering the greater Pinetown and Durban areas.
The Radio club have been using this site since 1997 and it provides ideal  coverage .

This location current has our VHF 145-625 club repeater .
The club UHF 434-650 Mhz  repeater  will be  replaced with the DMR UHF repeater.

Find attached photographs of site and container.


1-Supply - 3-phase to container
2-Back-up  Diesel standby plant.
3-Antenna height 85m above ground
4-Antenna type- Sirio Colinear 4,5dBd
5-Feeder-7/8 120m
6-Gland plate lightning protection:Huber+Shuner gas discharge 7/8 " protectors.
7-Container internal-Shielded super flex flyleads.
8-Duplexer :Phelps Dodge UHF
9-Station ground-earth-bar available inside container.
10-Mains /220V dB board -surge arrestors-Yes
11-Climate controlled-Yes -airconditioning.
12-Tower-Telecommunications concrete Tower with roof plus 4 landings.
19-Container allocation-dedicated 19" 6 foot bay.

We look forward to linking  to the DMR worldwide net .

Currently we have 20 members whom have DMR UHF mobiles been purchased in anticipation of the UHF repeater sponsorship.

The custodian of the repeater container is myself having 28 years in the field of LMR /PMR and trunking.

Trust this meets your approval.

Kind regards

Bradley Glen
Chairman HARC 2014/2015

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