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DMR-ZA DX Challenge

Here are my two personal bests, I challenge anyone in ZA to beat this.

28.07.2015 13:40:53 6555016 ZR5S Shaun 1 callsign -97 Group 8 52Km 1W Portable (rubber duck antenna) PMB Repeater.
05.07.2015 11:00:00 6555016 ZR5S Shaun 1 callsign -100 Group 8 61Km 1W Portable (rubber duck antenna) Durban Repeater.

The idea is to create a bit of competitive spirit and adventure, but also to see just what DMR is capable of. Entrants must have had a QSO with another Ham via a repeater, state power used and antenna (rubber ducky, mobile, base or beam). This also enables the repeater manager to see how his antennas perform, compared with other repeaters.

Please email your "details of record DX contacts made on DMR" to the webmaster under the Contact us tab, I'll place it onto this page. Use the format as Shaun ZR5S has provided.

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